Falcar is a privately owned company primarily engaged in the retail business. Mr. Jonathan Falzon founded the company in 1994, and he has been at the helm of the company ever since. The company has four strategic business units, Automotive, Baby &Child, ICT and Textile. We recognize that our people are our greatest asset and that our success is hugely attributable to the commitment and dedication of our workforce!

Result Oriented

    We are focused on what matters: achieving results. Together, we are determined to achieve results in a way which constantly empowers creativity and innovation.


    We are constantly loyal to one another. Our team is our utmost value. What is discussed and agreed between us becomes commitment.


    We implement solutions quickly. We are passionate about quality and success. We are dynamic and ambitious when planning ahead.


    Our employees' commitment is rewarded. We challenge our people to achieve. We value their potential, nourishing their skills and encouraging our employees to push and excel their qualities and abilities. We fully support continuous professional development.


    We are constantly evolving in order to provide the best experience for our people and clients who are at the core of our ambitious projects. We aim to be the best.