Got a question?

?I would like to apply for a job with Falcar Group. What should I do?
To apply for one of our job opportunities, visit our section “Vacancies”, select the position that corresponds to your professional profile, fill in our online form, and attach your CV and a covering letter.
?Will I receive feedback even if my application does not meet the requirements?
Our recruiting team carefully reviews each application and makes everything possible to send feedback via email usually after three weeks.
?Who can apply for the job opportunities on our website?
Falcar is constantly looking for motivated people who wish to join our dynamic work environment. For each work opportunity on offer, different skills and abilities are required. They are specified in each job description. We therefore advise you to read carefully the job descriptions and to apply for the opportunity that most fits your professional profile.
?I'm having some issues filling out the online form. What should I do?
If you have problems filling in the form, please let us know by writing to the e-mail
?What if the job title I want isn’t in the list?
Check if there is another job which is similar to your desire by checking from the career section. If there are none that are suitable, you may fill in the contact form and submit your c.v anyway.
?What does an apprentice do?
Do you want to gain experience in the Technical or Automotive industry? Your career path towards becoming an Automotive or ICT technician may start with being an apprentice or trainee. We do accept candidates from various courses within MCAST.
?How long is an the apprenticeship?
This will vary according to the course you are attending. Usually apprenticeships can last from 1 - 2 years. However, our goal is that an apprentice bonds well with our team and eventually is enrolled as a full timer with the company.
?I would like to apply for an apprenticeship with Falcar Group. What should I do?
To apply as an apprenticeship, simply fill in the “apprentice form” provided in the careers page. Our selection team will communicate with your school/university and guide you through the way forward.